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Saturday, July 27th at 2pm, Mayfield, KY

It’s about the journey, not the destination

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LOVE what you do and you'll never work another day of your life.
Pursue PASSION and everything will fall into place.
True success, true happiness, and true freedom lies in DISCIPLINE.


We are very happy to offer the young women of Western Kentucky and Western Tennessee the exciting possibilities and opportunities to develop and empower their personal best skills that will serve them well along their journey in life. 

Karlie Holman and Lindsay Sizemore
Hey there!

We are the Purchase District Pageant

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We believe in supporting and investing in the girls of Western Kentucky and Tennessee.

 We are different.

We only take Teen and Miss categories.

We only allow girls who have lived, worked or are going to school in Western Kentucky.

And, we support our girls financially to compete in an approved Kentucky/Tennessee State pageant.

"I'm so excited and I couldn't have done it without you.  You have done so much for me and have always believed in me.  Thank you for everything and getting me where I am today!!  Love you!! 💗💗"

Karlie Holmen
2024 Miss Teen Kentucky USA
2023 Miss Teen Purchase District


"I was nervous and excited to be in my first 'big girl' pageant - super high heels and swim suit on stage!  This pageant gave me the confidence to do Miss Teen Kentucky USA and place in the Top 5!"

Caitlyn Hooks
2022 Miss Teen Purchase District
Top 5 2023 Miss Teen Kentucky USA

"This pageant has been one of my favorite.  I practically grew up on this stage - from 13 to 19, Jr Teen, Teen and Miss!!  Laura is so great to work with and I'm grateful to call her my friend."

Raina West
2021 Miss Purchase District
2020 Miss Teen Purchase District
2018 Miss Jr Teen Purchase District United States
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Meet Lindsay Sizemore
2023 Miss Purchase District



13 - 17

Meet Karlie Holman
2023 Miss Teen Purchase District



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into our Kentucky & Tennessee Lady

This is a bimonthly magazine that we will be providing updates on our Purchase District pageant queen's charitable activities and events.  Plus, we focus on the enterprising women who are creating change in the Purchase District.  Be sure you're signed up to receive our Newsletter to stay up-to-date!


Crown of Excellence

Making a Difference

This award is decided by the Pageant Director and has no influence on the outcome of the pageant winners.  (Judges learn of winner at time of awarding.)

As of October 9,2022, the Crown of Excellence will be given in honor of Chloe Culver.  She made a difference in every person she met and she will be forever loved!

Our 2023 Crown of Excellence recipient, Cheyennes Horath with 2021 Crown of Excellence recipient and 2022 Miss Jr Teen Purchase District Nyla Holder. (pictured)

Crown of Excellence - Purchase District Pageant
Lindsay Sizemore Purchase District Pageant
Miss Kentucky USA Mayfield, KY
Karlie Holmen Purchase District Pageant