2023 MISS

Lindsay Sizemore

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Get to know Lindsay . . .


Lindsay is most proud of opening her salon, L Cosmetics, and following her dreams. From doing makeup at New York Fashion Week to on set for music videos, she is witnessing all her wildest dream come true. The person that Lindsay would most like to meet is Taylor Swift.

Lindsay was in a bad car accident and Taylor was gracious enough to send her flowers and a handwritten note. She also admires Taylor Swift because she stands up for other people in the music industry who aren’t getting compensated for their work and continues to stand up for equal rights as well as fighting against sexual assault.

Boss Babe!


Lindsay is the Owner of L Cosmetics, Cosmetology School and completed two years at the Ramp School of Ministry obtaining a certificate in Mission & Evangelism work. As a small business owner and female entrepreneur, it is important to her to be involved in the community. Her community service typically involves going to the local schools and working the Career Days and teaching the students about her field of cosmetology.

Lindsay's Platform

Lindsay loves supporting Paws in Lyon County by volunteering her time and helping to support them with their pet adoptions.